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Anric technologies focuses on technology and innovation in the areas of thin film deposition with a special focus on Atomic Layer Deposition.

For Researchers

Anric Technologies provides solutions to challenging thin film deposition applications. Find out if ALD is right for you and how the Anric Technology deposition systems yield the optimal combination of speed, flexibility, and price.

For Industry

Find out how an Anric Technologies ALD system leads to quick process development iterations, with the lowest COO, and simple yet flexible system control.

For Institutions

For multiuser environments, the Anric ALD systems offer flexible material growth combinations, strong safety controls, and the best combination of price and capabilities on the market.

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Inside ALD

Learn more about the growth mechanism for common ALD processes and details on some of the ALD processes and films grown by Anric Technology researchers as well as the rapidly expanding customer base.

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Design & Features


Defined Volume Dosing

Precursor dose amount controlled by a fixed filled volume instead of valve opening time – yields more reproducible and consistent precursor

Air Cooled Electronics

Integrated, air cooled electronics at bottom of enclosure. Compact system with no extra control modules.

Process Pressure Gauge

Visual pulse indication for rapid precursor presence verification

Flow Optimized Chamber

high efficiency embedded heater yieldsfast purge times and quick temperature ramping

Simple Sample Introduction

Click vent, slide open door, place sample on holder, then close and pump.

7” Touchscreen PLC

Full recipe generation, recipe savecapability, process monitoring and manual system control.

  • Small yet powerful

    High concentration (up to 11% by weight), small footprint ozone generator for ALD and general ozone applications.

  • Full control

    Equipped with pressure and flow control, manual output switch and automatic control utilizing an external voltage signal.

  • Built for safety

    Built-in high capacity ozone destruct for safe handling of exhaust gas from system.

Data Points

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Material Update

High quality growth of Ta2O5

Recipes have been developed for the ALD deposition of tantalum oxide for dielectric as well as imaging applications. Click on 'More' for an in-depth look at the properties of Ta2O5 grown on the AT400



Advanced Simulation of Tool Operation and Growth Mechanism

The resource hub now contains a simulation of the operation of the AT400 as well as an advanced molecular simulation of the ALD growth mechanism for an example film material, ZnO.



AT400/AT410 ALD System in the News