Anric Technologies’ exclusive ALD tool allows you to quickly set up experiments and on your budget. The AT-400 offers a simple-to-use, cost-effective and scalable approach to answering complex research problems.


The AT-400 can serve multiple experiments. It is multi-user friendly and has an ultrasmall footprint for shared facilities.


Multiple precursors (5)
multiple substrate sizes


Multi-user friendly


Small footprint
75cm x 63cm x 35cm


For multi-user spaces, the AT-400 is especially useful for its programmed safety features. Overpressure and low pressure interlocks and dual chamber temperature sensors with TC failure override make safe use of the tool a built-in priority.

Low operating costs

The AT-400 has the lowest cost of operation of any ALD tool on the market. Through precise engineering, it maintains efficient and cost-conscious power, gas and precursor consumption.


Design & Features

  • Chamber temperatures from RT to 350 °C ± 1 °C; Precursor temperatures from RT to 150 °C ± 2 °C (w/ heating jacket)
  • Streamlined chamber design and small chamber volume
  • Smallest footprint on market (2.5 sq ft), bench top installation and cleanroom compatible
  • Fast cycling capability (up to 1.2nm/min Al2O3) and high exposure, deep penetration processing available
  • Simple system maintenance and lowest utilities and precursor usage on market
  • Full HW and SW interlocks for safe operation even in multi-user environment